Pavel Springer – Pinot Noir Family Reserve 2021
Top 20 Pinot Noir from Czech republic – Always the first to sell out from the Moravian red wine magus


Vinařství Springer, Pinot Noir Family Reserve 2021, Moravia wine region. 0.75l.

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Vinařství Springer
Pinot Noir 2021
Family Reserve
Moravian wine region
0,75 l Rating(/💯)
Tasted: 14th April 2023

Pinot noir Family reserve by Pavel Springer is one of the most sought-after Moravian wines. The wine is usually sold out within a few hours or days at the most. It is based on grapes of German clone origin, which are highly reduced and produce extremely high quality. The wine beautifully combines the aroma and taste of red fruit with notes of rare oak wood, vanilla, poppy seeds etc. A wonderful multi-layered and elegant wine.

Pale intensity
Brick-ruby color
Medium (+) intensity
Aroma vína - vanilka
Cherry jam
Poppy seeds
Pronounced intensity
Aroma vína - vanilka
Aroma vína - badyán
Poppy seeds
Medium (+) acidity
Medium tannins
Medium alcohol (12.5%)
Medium body
Long finish
Service & Aging potential
Glass 400 - 850ml (e.g. Riedel Burgundy)
Teplota podávání vína
15 - 16 °C
Dekantace vína
Decant 30 minutes before serving
Archivace vína
2023 - 2030
About the Winery
About the Terroir
About the Winery

Because it is an early ripening variety, Pinot Noir is mostly grown in cold and temperate climates for wine growing. It is therefore the perfect blue variety for Burgundian vineyards where the base wine is very light, often with high acidity and with notes of oak barrel to add structure. However, the wines from better locations in the Côte d’Or are more intense and complex – from delicate and almost floral to rather tannic and spicy. In very cold vintages, there is a risk, especially in lower-lying vineyards, that the wine will be unripe with vegetative tones of wet leaves, cabbage.

In Europe, the German Baden is famous for its Pinot Noir. Of course, great Pinot Noir can also be found in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, of course under the name Rulandské modré. In the Bohemian wine region, it is mostly represented in Roudnice, Mělník, Most and Prague. In Moravia, this variety can be found in smaller numbers in all wine-growing sub-regions. Originally, in Old Bohemia, the variety was called Roučí, because its grapes resembled sheep’s fleece. 

In the New World, the best Pinots are produced in a wide range of regions, such as Marlborough and Central Otago in New Zealand, Yara Valley, the Australian regions of Mornington Peninsula and Tasmania, Los Carneros and Sonoma in California, Walker Bay in South Africa or Casablanca Valley in Chile.