Our goal is to make it easier for you to choose wines to eat and vice versa. The recommendations of our certified sommelier are fully at your disposal. What wine or drink is suitable for the food you want to cook or order? Or what food goes with the wine you have ready to serve? On our website you will get answers to all the questions about the fiddling of food and drinks, especially with wines. Of course, it is complemented by how to serve the wine, how to store it, etc.

If the information available is still not enough for you, then of course do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to provide you with turnkey sommelier services – from organizing experience tastings, planning holidays in wine regions to sommelier services to hotels and restaurants.

Food and drinks are inherently part of each other. Drinks help make food more digestible. The pleasure of good food and drink goes hand in hand with enjoying life. Your choice of the right drink to eat leads to greater pleasure in what you eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. On the other hand, a poor choice of drink can ruin your food experience – three times a day! Drinks can be thought of as the last spice for your dish.  More informed choices can give you more pleasure in your life.

The best restaurants consider pairing great food and drinks as an integral aspect of their guests’ unforgettable experience. Chefs work with sommeliers to find the perfect blend – the best of food and drink in one bite. They try to find the “Holy Grail”, where the perfect combination of both brings guests more enjoyment than food or wine in itself.

But why not have a beautiful experience of pairing food and wine every day?


 Team GourmetSpirit.cz 

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