Gala winery – Hermes Chardonnay 2019
The Best Czech Chardonnay.


Gala winery, Hermes – Chardonnay 2019, pozdní sběr, suché | dry, Perná, Hermesdorfen. 0.75l. The best Chardonnay based on the Guide to the best wines of the Czech republic 2020/2021 (93 points).

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Gala winery
Hermes Chardonnay 2019
pozdní sběr, suché | dry
Perná, Hermesdorfen
Mikulov sub-region
0,75 l

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The wine has very elegant and complex aroma of tropical fruit, vanilla and brioche dough. On the palate the wine is balanced, concentrated and very complex with long mineral finish. It develops beautifully in the glass. This is outstanding Chardonnay which connects the quality of grapes and the art of the winemaker.  

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The Guide to the Best wines of the Czech Republic 2020/2021:

  • 93 points /100
  • The best rated Chardonnay of the Czech republic
Medium intensity
Lemon-golden colour
Medium intensity (complex)
Melon Cantaloupe
Butter croissants
Medium (+) intensity
High acidity
Medium alcohol (13.5%)
Medium (+) body
Long finish
Servis & Archivace
Glass 300 - 800ml (např. Riedel for Oaky Chardonnay Montrachet)
11 - 13 °C
30 minutes
2021 - 2026

The winemaker Jarek Gala used partially old and partially new oak barrels for wine maturation to give the wine big complexity. The wine was also aged in the barrels on the lees. The aim was to give more body, soften mouthfeel and help to stabilize the wine. The lees were stirred to unsettle it from bottom of the vessel and mix it in the wine. Lees stirring is sometimes referred to by the French term, batonnage. Lees stirring can increase the release of yeast compounds into the wine.  The objective of this practice is to increase wine complexity, body, texture and enrich the aroma with hints of brioche biscuit and toast. At the same time the fruity flavours were decreased a bit. 


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The Best Czech Chardonnay.”

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