BIG SONBERK – Gewürztraminer Noble Rot 2021 – Sweet
Naturally sweet gewürztraminer enriched with noble rot botrytis cinerea

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Sonberk winery – Big SONBERK, Gewürztraminer Noble Rot 2021, sweet. Wineyard Sonberk, Popice, Mikulov sub-region, Morava region. 0.75l. Prague Wine Trophy 2022 91 points.

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Sonberk Winery
Velký Sonberk | Big Sonberk
Tramín Noble Rot 2021
Gewürztraminer Noble Rot 2021
Sonberk wineyard, Popice
Mikulov sub-region
Morava region
0,75 l Rating(/💯)
Tasted: 25.12.2022

Pleasantly spicy and naturally sweet Tramín (Gewürztraminer). Moreover, from the year when the grapes were attacked by the noble rot Botrytis cinerea during September ripening, which gives this wine an unmistakable character. The natural sweetness of the wine is balanced by a higher fresh acidity.

Rewards / Ratings: 

  • Prague Wine Trophy 2022 – Prague Premium Gold & 91 points
Deep intenzity
Deep gold colour
Pronounced intenzity
Aroma vína - sušené meruňky
Dried apricots
Orange zest
Aroma vína - růže
Rose petals
Aroma vína - Liči
Aroma vína - med
Aroma vína - badyán
Aroma vína - hřebíček
Zázvor a víno
Pronounced intenzity
Aroma vína - Liči
Candied orange
Aroma vína - růže
Rose petals
Aroma vína - med
Sweet (46,3 g/l)
High acidity (6,5 g/l)
High alcohol (14%)
Full body
Long spicy finish
Service & Aging
Glass 300 - 400ml (e.g. Riedel for Sauternes)
Teplota podávání vína
9 - 11 °C
Dekantace vína
Decantation is not necessary
Archivace vína
2023 - 2032
About wine

A noble rot that rarely (in Sonberk approximately once every three years) attacks ripe grapes in autumn, helps to evaporate water, concentrates other substances in them and manifests itself in a beautiful aroma of orange peel. But definitely don’t expect concentrated straw or ice wine.

About winery
About pairing with food

We recommend many fantastic dishes for this naturally sweet Gewürztraminer in our article. Don’t forget to look for the section on pairing with sweet Tramín.