Vinařství Jiří Holešínský – Veltlín Orange 2019
Veltlín in the style of authentic orange wines, matured on fine yeast from Hibernal


Winery Jiří Holešínský – Veltlín Orange 2019, moravské zemské víno (Moravian regional wine), Dubňanská hora, Mutěnice, Slovácká sub-region, Moravia. 0.75 l. Crown closure!

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Jiří Holešínský winery
Veltlin Orange 2019
Moravian regional wine, dry
Dubňanská hora
village of Mutěnice
Slovak subregion
0.75 l

Rating (/💯)

Natural wine from a young Moravian winemaker who gathered winemaking experience during a several-year internship with a living legend of Moravian winemaking – Doc. Ing. Miloš Michlovský. Grapes of the white Veltlínské zelené (Grüner Veltliner) variety were processed as if they were red wine. Jiří Holešínský really succeeded with this wine in the style of natural, so called authentic wines. It is very multi-layered with a long aftertaste.

Other ratings:

  • Top 77 wines in the Czech Republic 2021
Deep intensity
Orange-gold color with hints of copper
Medium (-) intensity
Aroma vína - pomerančová kůra
Orange peel
Herbal tea
Pickled lemon
Aroma vína - medová plástev
Kouř - aroma
Medium (+) intensity
Pickled lemon
Aroma vína - medová plástev
Aroma vína - pomerančová kůra
Orange peel
Green tea
Dry (1.5 g/l)
Medium acidity (4.7 g/l)
Medium alcohol (13.5%)
Medium tannin
Medium (+) body
Long finish
Service & Ageing
Sklenice na víno - Riedel Montrachet
Glass 400 - 600ml (e.g. Riedel Oaked Chardonnay or Montrachet)
15 - 16 °C
Dekantace vína
Decant at least 30 minutes before serving
Doporučená archivace vína
2021 - 2026

How was the wine made?

The grapes of this wine were ripened and fermented on the mash, after which the wine was aged for 12 months in French barrique barrels. Battonage was carried out, i.e. mixing the wine with fine yeast lees, including from the Hibernal variety. Without using SO2. Malo-lactic fermentation took place in the barrels, which transforms sharper tartaric acid into rounder lactic acid. The wine was not filtered.

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