VINO HORT – Merlot rosé 2019
The best Czech rosé wine 2020/21.


Vino Hort, Merlot rosé 2019, pozdní sběr, suché | dry, Strachotice, Lambelgerg. 0,75l. The best rosé | rosé wine from the Czechia based on the Guide to the best wines of the Czech Republic 2020/2021″ (91 points /100)

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Vino Hort
Merlot rosé 2019
pozdní sběr, suché | dry
Lambelberg, Strachotice
Znojmo sub-region
0,75 l

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Very complex rosé wine, which is both very entertraining and serious. It is definitely not a swimingpool wine. Master of rosé wines, Jiri Hort, proved again that this style should not be underated. The wine is very complex and balanced – fruit concentration, acidity and alcohol. The wine has also long finish, very good quality.

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The Guide to the wine of Czech republic  2020/2021:

  • 91 points /100
  • The best rosé of the Czechia
Medium intensity
Salmon color
Medium intensity
Red Oranges
Red Currant
Medium (+) intensity
Red oranges (Grenadina)
Red currant
High acidity (4,9 g/l)
Medium alcohol (12%)
Medium body
Medium (+) finish
Service & Aging
Glass 200 - 400ml (eg. Riedel for rosé)
8-10 °C
Dacanting not necessary
2021 -2022


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The best Czech rosé wine 2020/21.”

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